A simple day-based journaling app.

Dayflip is a simple diary application with a twist. It makes keeping a diary more convenient and fun by separating your life into slices called Notebooks. Your life is a very big book that keeps on expanding, so looking at it at as a whole can be a bit overwhelming. Each Notebook is comprised of several diary entries that are organized by day (Day 1, Day 2, …) so you can create Notebooks like “100 days in the Big Brother’s House” and “1 week in Rome” and “Swimming Experiences” without worrying what Nth day it is. Days do not need to be consecutive, so you can record all your Beach Experiences in one notebook. And lastly, it features built-in integration with Facebook, Twitter, etc., to share those precious moments.

Top Features:
– 9 notebook colors to choose from
– Add photo to entries
– Share entries to Social Networking Sites
– Lock to protect your confidential notebooks
– Edit date and time

Email your suggestions/concerns at

Or leave a comment in this page.

Thank you very much.


4 responses to “Dayflip

  • Marian

    Can you tell me how I can add à picture?

  • Gus Lorimer

    I’ve forgot my password and can’t get access to my app.
    How can I get round this problem?

    • ygee

      I’m sorry to say but there is no work around with that as of the moment. But you can guess the password as many times as you like. If you have already successfully logged in, try backing up your device before changing the password again, so that you can restore your previous password and data from that back up in case of emergency. Hope I was able to address your concern.

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